Confined Space Entry with Escape BA & Self-Rescue Procedures - CS003

1 day course

This course is for any person who needs to develop the essential underpinning skills and knowledge required to plan, enter, work and exit confined spaces including via a vertical shaft and where escape breathing apparatus is a part of the planned means of self rescue.

This course will cover:

  • Outcomes of the Confined Spaces Regulations 1997
  • Personal protection and hygiene requirements
  • Risk assessing residual hazards
  • Types of gaseous atmosphere, portable gas monitoring equipment and its use
  • The use of harness tripod/man-riding winch, fall arrest and safety line
  • The use of escape breathing apparatus and self rescue procedures
  • Safe entry working and exit procedures at confined spaces
  • Question paper
  • Knowledge and skill exercises for planning, permits, entering, working and exiting confined spaces using escape-breathing apparatus as a part of the planned means for self rescue.

rapid response rescue
full duration breathing apparatus
water uk confined space national classification (C&G)
confined space management & supervision