Full Duration BA & Control

This course provides a basic level of training designed to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to safely and competently test, don, and wear full duration breathing apparatus.

  • Select a charged compressed air cylinder and check its contents.
  • Connect/disconnect a cylinder to a BA set.
  • Adjust, test and connect a facemask.
  • Name and identify the component parts of a BA set.
  • Identify, test and operate ancillary equipment.
  • Perform a general test to the BA set.
  • Complete log book entries to record tests and maintenance.
  • Don and wear a BA set.
  • Perform a pre-entry test.
  • Clean and maintain a facemask.
  • Service and prepare a BA set.
  • Safely store a ba cylinder.
  • State and define the full duration of BA cylinders for a range of pressures.
  • State and define the working duration of BA sets.
  • State the factors that will affect/reduce the working duration.
  • State and define the safety margin.
  • Identify the need for effective ba control procedures.

rapid response rescue
full duration breathing apparatus
water uk confined space national classification (C&G)
confined space management & supervision